We mean “In-Plant logistics” as the range of logistics services those required to move the raw materials or finished products within the factory in order to carry out the factory operation.

Those are:

  • Storage & handling of raw materials
  • Supply of raw materials from storage area to production line
  • Moving finished product from production line to either a bonded storage area or a non-bonded storage area as designated/located inside the factory
  • Storage & handling of finished product

Nissin ABC Logistics Pvt Ltd has been providing the In-plant logistics services to automobile and chemical manufacturing industries.

We support;

  • Raw and finished product handling in storage area located inside factory to meet the production & despatch need of factory.
  • Trained & experienced manpower deployment those understand the engineering involvement of project in order to handle product / process efficiently.
  • Packaging Services.
  • Customize vehicles to carry product from factory to warehouse/customer place.
  • Handling equipment’s maintenance